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Masoumeh FardShahin

TV Producer

I graduated from faculty of art and architecture, Azad University. I earned M.A. in architecure engineering and started my cultural activities.I Have been responsible of two major palaces of culture in Tehran; Farhangsara-ye Sarv and Farhangsare-ye Khavaran. These centres were presenting cultural programms and entertainments for the youth and females.

After that I changed my career to film production. My first experience was the production of an TV program for IRIB4 called E-Commerce and the world beyond. During one decate of my presence in IRIB I have produced many TV programs in diverse kinds such as live shows, documentaries, videoclips and at last TV feature film and series. I have set up Forethought Media Corporation based in Tehran, that presents in book publication, advertisment, entertainment, education and media production.

Education and Certificates

M.A. in architecture Engineering from Azad University
Diploma in Costume Designing from University of Applies Science and Technology
Certificate of Photography from ACER (Academic Center for Education Culture and Reasearch)
Certificate of change management from Industrial Management Institude
Certificate of Supervising from Industrial Management Institude
Certificate of The basics and technics of negotiating from Industrial Management Institude


Film Production
Production Designing
Film Planning
Costume Designing


Farda Studio

Fekr-e Farda Advertising Centre

Farda Film Company

Rasaneye Fekr-e Farda Publications


Feast Red Apple :
The best TV program in IRIB New Year shows of 2013

The smell of Feast :
The best TV program in IRIB New Year live shows of 2011

This is an educational message:
The 3rd award of Police & Traffic film festival

Fmediaco Introduction

Forethought Media Corp. established Studio Farda in 2009. This is one of the biggest Chroma-key studio in Iran . Today we are presenting all content production and filmmaking services.


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Heaven and Spring




Qolzom Advertures


A Sweet Event


Seven Seen Till Nowrouz


Most Beautiful Day of God


A New Event

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Forethought Media Corp. established Farda Studio in 2009 . This is one of the biggest chroma key studio in Iran . IRIB's producers and many advertising companies are our clients .

Farda Studio is offering a variety of solutions in broadcasting fields such as lighting equipments , professional cameras and accessories , post-production units , etc .

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